Wilmington, Delaware PC Professional Users Group (PCPUG) Archive

When I first uploaded these files from 360K IBM-formatted didks in 2011 I did not know who founded or managed this group. From the disks and content I surmised that PCPUG was active in the mid 1980's and that they operated in Wilmington, Delaware USA. Fast-forward to 2020. While working on the computer at Kennett Classic (kennettclassic.com) in Kennett Square, in walks a gentleman named Glann Bleakney who saw the comptuer museum sign and thought he'd peek in to see what was in there. From our conversation I learned he was one of the leaders of PC-PUG, and he was familiar with the disk archive because he helped manage it. What a coincidence! The following is a copy of the text file that appears on the first diskette, labeled 000, which also contains a catalog of the entire collection. Most of the files can be downloaded individually, but if you want to grab the entire archive download the ZIP file linked below. It's virus-free.

If you haven't already done it, the proper way to start using 

this disk is to type RUNME followed by the ENTER key.

                         D I S C L A I M E R 


The programs on this disk are made available to the public as a 

copy service only.  In no event will the Wilmington DE. PC 

Professional Users group (PCPUG) be liable for any damages 

arising out of the use of or the inability to use these programs 

by anyone, even if PCPUG has been advised of the possibility of 

such damages. 


Please support the authors of the programs by contributing if you 

choose to use their software.  This gives users quality software 

at a fair price.  The PCPUG Public Domain Software Library 

encourages this concept in software distribution.  It is also our 

policy to never knowingly violate any copyright or other right or 

requirment of the original authors of these files.  If you spot 

any infringment of this sort, please let us know, and we will 

take immediate steps to correct the situation.

A complete, current listing of all programs contained in the 

PCPUG Public Domain Software Library is available on disk #NEW000 

and can be obtained at the general membership meeting for $1.00, 

$5.00 is the price of all other disks in the library at this time.

No disks are available through mail order.


Diskette Archive:

Disk 000 (includes catalog - start here)
Disk 043
Disk 045
Disk 048
Disk 049
Disk 050
Disk 051
Disk 062
Disk 069
Disk 072
Disk 073
Disk 086
Disk 089
Disk 090
Disk 095