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Name Size
TU10 transformer.jpg 725,180 KB
reel motor cover lower.jpg
TU10 h720e.jpg 700,647 KB
TU10 h720e rear.jpg 688,022 KB
side backplane wrap.jpg 677,458 KB
u6 tachometer.jpg 646,858 KB
tub filthy cables2.jpg 641,064 KB
TU10 move2.jpg
TU10 inside-rear.jpg 626,480 KB
front backplane mounting-pan.j 626,268 KB
TU10 chassis-top.jpg 620,604 KB
TU10 move4.jpg 617,860 KB
TU10 move5.jpg 616,675 KB
TU10 rack.JPG
TU10 still-connected.jpg 520,763 KB
TU10 open.jpg
front backplane wirewrap.JPG 490,611 KB
front backplane right 457,542 KB
reel motor cover.jpg
TU10 move3.jpg
both backplanes.JPG 395,406 KB
P1010006.JPG 351,673 KB
730a connectors.jpg 344,109 KB
cable-cleaning2.jpg 323,835 KB
TU10 move1.jpg 322,011 KB
side backplane.jpg
cable-cleaning.jpg 295,643 KB
front backplane left cards.jpg 281,535 KB
h720e label.jpg 280,222 KB
model serial-num.jpg 262,084 KB
h720e front.jpg 256,432 KB
861c powercontrol.JPG 252,374 KB
tub filthy cables.jpg 233,451 KB
861C spare.jpg 216,542 KB
side backplane left cards righ 211,320 KB
RSX-11M 9track-tape.jpg
side backplane cards gap.jpg 196,988 KB
side backplane cards left.jpg 182,538 KB
h730a label.jpg 178,071 KB
front backplane 170,736 KB
boot address.jpg 45,147 KB


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