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RK11_pic1-4.jpg are RK05 controller and cable reference photos of the PDP 11/05 at the LSSM in Pittsburgh. The other photos are of backplanes I have on hand to use for my own system. Note that there is one 15 and one 6 pin power connector off the backplane. The PDP 11/05 NC style chassis does not have these, so you'd be better off with the PDP 11/05 S style (BA11-K) chassis if you want to install RK05 drives on your 11/05 system. The PDP 11/35 or 11/40 chassis has plenty of power ports, the RK05 would not be a problem.

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RK05 battery.jpg
RK11D Backplanes.JPG
RK11 pic4.jpg 1,445,662 KB
RK11 pic3.jpg 1,894,394 KB
RK11 pic2.jpg 2,177,064 KB
RK11 pic1.jpg 1,729,579 KB
DEC RK11-D wire-wrap-pins.jpg
DEC RK11-D Backplane-label.jpg


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