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M9312 DIR
DEC 742a Power-Control-Board-p
DEC RL02K-DC RT-11.jpg 75,588 KB
NPG and GrantCont.jpg 78,085 KB
DEC 742a Power-Control-Board C
PDP11 data cartridge RL02K-DC. 101,386 KB
DEC RL02 front.JPG
DEC Decwriter-II LA36 front.JP
PDP11-40 powersupply label.jpg 119,201 KB
PDP11-40 power-supply.JPG 120,441 KB
DEC Decwriter-II LA36 serial.J 126,455 KB
Running Program.JPG
PDP11-40 h742a.jpg 152,157 KB
Console test.JPG
DEC RL02 serial.JPG 169,413 KB
PDP11-40 fontpanel.JPG
PDP11-40 fan view.JPG 220,780 KB
DD11B label.jpg 236,584 KB
PDP1140 RL02 diags.JPG
BASIC Initialized.jpg
Serial Console Cable.JPG
PDP11-40 power-supply h742 man 275,902 KB
PDP11-40 h742a connectors.jpg
DEC-Writer-II.jpg 325,464 KB
DEC 742a Power-Control-Board-u
PDP1140 J18-connector.jpg
h742a P8-P9-P10 extended.jpg 363,043 KB
DEC 742a Power-Control-Board r 367,799 KB
card-layout moved-plane Pic2.J
card-layout moved-plane.JPG
pdp11-40 handbooks.JPG
DEC 742a Power-Control-Board t
coreplanes installed.jpg
32Kx16-MemoryBackplane 5010344 440,860 KB
H742 on blocks.jpg
742aPowerCBd 15V-splitter.JPG
DEC M7762 as-was.JPG
PDP11-40 peripheral cards.JPG 515,969 KB
PDP11-40 power-supply h742 reg
16K-Core-Installed.jpg 525,439 KB
PDP1140 M7235-detatched.jpg
RL11 moved to DD11B.jpg
32Kx16-MemoryBackplane 5010344 549,452 KB
PDP11-40 h742a pic2.jpg 550,119 KB
PDP11-40 KY-11D Console side2. 550,483 KB
h742a board extended pic3.jpg 551,957 KB
PDP11-40 DC-pwr-supplies.jpg 557,367 KB
CardPlacementUpdateFront.JPG 561,120 KB
h742a board extended.jpg
DEC RL02 dr0 rear.jpg 574,184 KB
PDP11-40 h742a light-on.jpg
PDP11-40 580,696 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic8 591,454 KB
DEC 742a pic2.JPG 592,300 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic6 598,923 KB
DEC 742a pic1.JPG 603,187 KB
h742a board extended pic2.jpg
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic7 629,155 KB
CardPlacementEnd.JPG 659,586 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic2 679,221 KB
DD11-B DD11-CF.jpg 682,936 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic1
PDP11-40 backplane
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic5 694,733 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic3 705,307 KB
PDP11-40 power-connectors-pic4
DD11-B NPG cut CA1-CB1.jpg


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