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Name Size
1105S chassis.JPG
1105S console-switches.JPG
1105S power-dstribution-board.
BA11-K DC-Regulators.JPG 228,465 KB
BA11-K Fans-Transformer.JPG
BA11-K mounting-box.jpg 558,660 KB
cover-applying.JPG 431,063 KB
cover-off.jpg 490,470 KB
cover-off.jpg.filepart 490,470 KB
cover applied.jpg 423,085 KB
DEC-11-H05SS-B-D.pdf 3,524,650 KB
DEC PDP-1105S with-covers.jpg 310,896 KB
DEC PDP-1105S with-covers2.jpg
DEC PDP1105 177,984 KB
dec PDP1105s on-side.JPG
DECPDP1105S backplane-probe-po 709,217 KB
DECPDP1105S card-guide-labels.
DECPDP1105S 363,396 KB
DECPDP1105S chassis-empty.jpg
DECPDP1105S fans-inside-view.j 518,550 KB
DECPDP1105S front-panel-lights
DECPDP1105S front-panel-lights
DECPDP1105S H765-detached.jpg 574,256 KB
DECPDP1105S H765-open1.jpg
DECPDP1105S H765-open2.jpg 632,174 KB
DECPDP1105S H765-open3.jpg 654,804 KB
DECPDP1105S H765-open4.jpg
DECPDP1105S running.jpg
left-cover-adapter.JPG 594,318 KB
pdp11-05 BA11-K mounting-box p 573,676 KB
pdp11-05 complete-running.jpg
pdp11-05 complete-running2.jpg 672,184 KB
pdp11-05 echo-cars-tty.jpg 362,328 KB
PDP11-05 front-panel removed.j
pdp11-05 UNIBUS1.jpg 558,660 KB
pdp11-05 UNIBUS2.jpg 564,217 KB
RAM-CPU shield-bag.jpg 532,887 KB
RAM-CPU shield-bag2.jpg
RAM-CPU shield-bag3.jpg 579,746 KB
right-cover-adapter.JPG 616,917 KB


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