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The Star Commander is the ultimate DOS shell that can handle the image file formats of the C64 Software Emulator (© by Miha Peternel, 1994-1997), CCS64 (© by Per Håkan Sundell, 1996-2002), Personal C64 (© by Wolfgang Lorenz, 1994-1997) and VICE (© by the VICE Team, 1993-2002), it copies files and disks between the PC and a Commodore 1541/1571/1581 drive, optionally in turbo mode, and also converts several popular Commodore archive formats. It is a comfortable, user-friendly and fast giftware program with online help and is very similar to The Norton Commander (© by Symantec Inc., 1986-1995) and The Volkov Commander (© by Vsevolod V. Volkov, 1991-2000).

The latest public release is Version 0.82, out since 31st March, 2002. You can find The Star Commander on Web sites and FTP sites in an archive called (where X.YY is the version number).

Important notes

Known major bugs

Please, use the latest 0.83 beta to overcome the following problems until Version 0.83, in which these will be fixed, is released.



The original, English documentation is available online. The following unofficial translations of the documentation are available: DISCLAIMER: Please, note that the translations have been created and proof-read by other people because the author of this page does not know those languages. The author of this page has no direct control over the translations and, therefore, can give you absolutely no guarantee about their correctness or uptodateness! Also, please, don't bother reporting problems or wishes concerning the translations to the author of this page as those will be ignored!

Useful information

Mailing list

If you need help with the Commander, would like to ask for some new features in future releases, want to be notified about the release of new (beta) versions or just want to chat around then subscribe to the mailing list.

WARNING: All E-mail addresses have been spam shielded. Before sending an E-mail, please, delete the words "ANTI" and "SPAM", along with the dots around them!

To subscribe to the mailing list, send an E-mail to To post articles, send an E-mail to Please, note that only members are allowed to post to the mailing list. To unsubscribe, send an E-mail to

Mirror sites

You can also find the Commander at the following Web sites:

...and the following FTP sites:

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