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CCS64 - A Commodore 64 Emulator - By Per Håkan Sundell

CCS64 is a Commodore 64 Emulator for PC and also in the future other platforms. It was developed by me, Per Håkan Sundell, as my Master Thesis at my university in 1995 and have been expanded a lot since then. My personal  interest in the C64 has been very intensive since 1983 when I was spending nearly all my time with it, and I was deeply involved in the so called "Scene". When I later in 1987 bought my Amiga 500, I missed the old good times I had with my C64 and since then I have tried my very best to make all the old programs to work on my new machines. One of my first attempts was to resurrect the old C64 music, the famous SID chip. In 1990 I and Ron Birk released a demo called "100 most remembered C64 tunes" which was very popular, and in 1991 we released the very first tool for Amiga called "PlaySID" which later inspired a lot of similar programs on other platforms.

CCS64 is shareware. This means that the program is free to use and to copy, but if you like it and use it regularly I would appreciate that you would register the program. The reason for this is that I have spent countless of hours of making and maintaining CCS64, and without some contribution from you, it would be completely impossible for me to continue with developing it, as I have a really full-time low-paid work as a Ph.D.-Student/Teacher/Researcher and I am not especially rich. I really thank all the people that have contributed so far, as they have made it possible for me to have quite up-to-date computers. Other benefits with registering, except from making me very happy is that there probably will be (and already are) special features in the program that are only for registered users. And while considering implementing new ideas and improvements, the suggestions that I get from registered users are of course considered at highest priority.

CCS64 is a program that runs on your PC that turns your computer into an old Commodore 64 computer. This means that the program simulates, or rather emulates the old computer, enabling you to run most of the old software you had for that old machine, running it just like it would in the past. Of course there are some small differences compared to the real thing, but my goal has been to minimize the differences as much as it is possible.


CCS64 emulates briefly the following things of an old C64 system:

For more information, please read the full Documentation. For easy starting up instructions please read this file by Stuart Toomer! He also manages a very good resource called the  CCS64 Knowledge Base . It can also be quite useful to search for your questions and possible answers in the new forum or the archived wwwboard.

For the emulation of some of the old media there are some new file formats introduced. View Cartridge File Format online. View the Raw-Tape File Format online.

About the Raw-Tape files (.TAP), it is possible to convert the original game tapes by using special programs together with special adapter or just using your soundcard together with an ordinary cassette recorder. I myself use my Amiga computer to convert tapes, and for this I have built a Special Adapter in hardware that connects like an ordinary disk-drive to the Amiga and at the other side it has a connection to the Commodore C2N tape station. I have written special programs for this adapter and Amiga in assembler, OriginalTape.ASM, TurboTape64.ASM and Vic20Load.ASM .


CCS64 Version 3

Advantages over previous versions: Multiplay over Internet, windowed mode, more screen resolutions, increased compatibility, more Windows friendly.

CCS64 V3.0 Beta 1.3 Windows 98/ME/2000/XP - DirectX 9.0 Manual , F.A.Q. , History 4 Oct 2003 469 Kb DOWNLOAD

The development of CCS64 is a continuous process. If you are really (really!) keen on keeping an eye of the latest development steps of CCS64 you can download the very latest executable for windows (directx v9) here. However, be very careful as I can not guarantee any functionality, the program might crash and destroy data or whatever. I do not take any responsibility in what can happen to you or your machine, neither do I give any information about usage or the functionality. It is for sure that the version has flaws and errors, some known and some unknown. The version might be updated anytime without any notification, and might be updated as often as every day or as rare as every year. So beware, everything with this version is on your own responsibility!!!

CCS64 Version 2

Advantages over previous versions: Increased compatibility, improved menu system, Windows support.

CCS64 V2.0 B Dos, Win 95/98 - PMODE/W Manual , F.A.Q. , History 6 July 2001 347 Kb DOWNLOAD
CCS64 V2.0 B Win 95/98/NT - DirectX Manual, F.A.Q. , History 3 Feb 2002 299 Kb DOWNLOAD
CCS64 V2.0 B - HARDSID Dos, Win 95/98 - PMODE/W Manual, F.A.Q. , History 31 Jan 2001 332 Kb DOWNLOAD
CCS64 V2.0 B - HARDSID Win 95/98/NT - DirectX Manual, F.A.Q. , History 6 July 2001 294 Kb DOWNLOAD

CCS64 Version 1

CCS64 V 1.09 Dos, Win 95/98 Homepage 1997 430 Kb DOWNLOAD
CCS64 V 1.09 Linux, Unix FTP-archive 1997 ? FTP-archive

Links & Recommended Sites

- If you'd like to hear new studio recordings of C64 music tracks, you can find some great CDs in Bjorn Lynne's shop. - A basic resource for the C64. - The Star Commander. Tools for extracting the information on the 1541 5 1/4 inch floppy disks and much more. - Site with information about C64 emulators and other stuff. - Cartridges and Rom sets. - A nice front-end for CCS64. - A newspaper for the C64. - A C64 resource database. - A C64 site. - A C64 Emulation site. - A German C64 Games site from where you also can buy a C64 Joystick adapter. - A unique collection of C64 game disks.


In no special order to the following people: Pontus Berg, Markus Brenner, James Burrows, Richard Davey, Joe Forster, Chris Link, Werner van Loo, Wolfgang Lorentz, Adam Lorentzon, Marko Mäkelä, Patrick van der Poel, Peter Sandén, Téli Sándor, John Selck, Niklas Sundberg, Stuart Toomer, Matthias Waldhauer, David Weinehall, ... and all the nice people I forgot (sorry) ...

And of course to ALL of my registered users and other friends!!!


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