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8050 Disk Archive .D80 format

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  by Bill Degnan - 01/28/2013 16:24
I have begun archiving 8050 format disks into .D80 format using CBMxfer and ZoomFloppy with IEEE adapter added. The majority of the software created originally for 8050 drives was intended for the B Series line of (B-128, CBM 256-80, etc), but there are also SuperPet and 8032 titles mixed in as well as general Commodore techs' testing programs and diagnostics here.

SuperPet Boot Disks
Chicago B128 User Group Disks (including a few that are not already on
B-Series .D80s (some may work on 8032)
P500-related Demo Disk .D80 format

Note that I have purposely put duplicates in a few places, and some of the disks are already de-compressed into directories containing the PRG and SEQ files, should you not have the ability to read .D80 images.



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