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Big Iron Dominates VCF East 8.0


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  Big Iron Dominates VCF East 8.0 by Bill Degnan - 05/08/2012 08:38
The highlight of the 2012 Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 was this beautifully restored original PDP 8 computer. David Geeswein is the exhibitor and he demonstrated to onlookers how to load programs from papertape and interface the PDP 8 with an oscilloscope. Click image for larger view.

Dan Kottke and other event attendees chat about the early days of Apple Computer. Dan gave a captivating keynote talk on Sunday about the events that lead up to the founding of Apple Computer, his relationship with friend Steve Jobs, and his contributions to the Apple I, II, and /// systems. Click image for larger view.

Mike Loewen's HP 1000 minicomputer system with dual 8" disk drive. Click image for larger view.

Dave McGuire had the the most massive exhibit - a complete 4-rack DEC PDP 11/70 system with drives. He also attached a number of VT terminals. Dave won the "first to smoke" award when he lost a VT-220 terminal. Click image for larger view.

Mike Ross' exhibit consisted of a PDP 11/05 used to interface with a PDP 15, in two racks. He demonstrated restoration techniques for attendees. This is the PDP-15 control panel. Click image for larger view.

First-time exhibitor Ben Greenfield brought some of the most interesting machines including this Digital Techniques Inc 8088-based standard-bus touch screen computer. Click image for larger view.

Of course there were plenty of microcomputer exhibits. Pictured here is a tastefully-done software cover shot from the C-64 game "Little Computer People" exhibited by Justin Jernigan. Click image for larger view.

The top view of an opened SWTPC CT-64 terminal, exhibited by Bill Sudbrink. Click image for larger view.

Here is Herb Johnson's rare Dynabyte model 5100 with the internal 5 1/4" drive option. Click image for larger view.

Pictured above is one of the systems from my exhibit - an IBM model 5150 "A" computer running DOS 1.0 and a port of the game "Space War". Click image for larger view.

This is the first time I ever saw a Silicon Graphics O2. Thanks to Brian Cirulnick and Chris Liendo for bringing this and other classic SG workstations. Very educational. Click image for larger view.

Here is another of Herb Johnson's S-100 computers, a TDL XITAN. Click image for larger view.

One of the many Apple II clones exhibited by Ian Primus Click image for larger view.

More pictures

  Videos from VCF East 8 by Bill Degnan - 05/15/2012 08:41



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