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Name Size
680 DIR
MITS Disk-Extended BASIC 1978. 1,298,024 KB
8800b DIR
8800b-t system DIR
8800b-t 4 DIR
8800b-t 3 DIR
Software DIR
S-100 cards DIR
8800b-t DIR
8800a DIR
8800 DIR
88-DCDD rev0 DIR
680 sn11480 DIR
680 cassettes DIR
680 cards DIR
1440 DIR
MITS 88-DCDD variations.jpg
MITS Brochure 1977.pdf 7,299,803 KB
MDBL.pdf 544,631 KB
altair.exe 131,072 KB
Problem Solver Systems PSS 16K 389,184 KB
MITS Altair680 versions.JPG
MITS Software Agreement.pdf 596,675 KB
MITS Computer Notes Sept 1977. 4,431,297 KB
MITS Computer Notes Review Vol 5,932,121 KB
MITS Computer Notes Nov 1975.p 12,158,167 KB
MITS Computer Notes May 1977.p 4,719,757 KB
MITS Computer Notes Apr 1977.p 2,211,646 KB
MITS Altair DOS User's Manual. 4,924,299 KB
MITS Altair 680 Very Tiny Lang 2,383,746 KB
Computer Notes MITS .pdf 12,158,167 KB
Computer Notes Review MITS .p 5,932,121 KB
MITS Altair Short Course 1976. 3,156,631 KB
Altair 8800 Front Panel Schema 204,538 KB
Altair 8800 Schematics.pdf 958,134 KB
Altair 8800 Assembly manual.pd 7,176,494 KB
Altair8800FrontPanelSchematic. 204,538 KB


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