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  by Bill Degnan - 04/24/2016 15:07
Next: Update the 4000-200 startup file. systartup_VMS.COM to launch DECnet. This must be done before MULTINET is loaded. The decnet license is valid. The file is located here:

$ dir sys$common:[sysmgr]

(which makes sense because VMS 6 was starting to transition into SYSMGR automation, you can read more about that somewhere else)

The 4000-200 has been connected the MicroVAX 3100 via 15 pin port connectors.

Access 3100 dir as such (?):

$ dir cobuck::cobuck $dkb500:[....

not sure if this is the right command.

$ lancp
lancep> show conf
(shows the decnet configuration)



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